Undercover Investigations

Private Investigators in Indiana and GA.


  • Conduct an impartial investigation

  • Review policies and procedures

  • Conduct background checks on employees

  • Set up covert video surveillance

  • Work with a forensic accountant or computer examiner

  • Interview employees

  • Interview the suspected employee in a professional manner

  • Complete an unbiased report summarizing the investigation

  • Work with law enforcement as needed

  • Provide unimpeachable court testimony

  • Offer recommendations for a permanent video surveillance camera system if necessary

Undercover workplace investigations are employee-interactive. This method develops first-hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees. If necessary, our operatives can testify in court. An undercover investigation is necessary when your company suspects a potential or serious problem within the workforce. An undercover investigator will confirm or disprove rumors and expose the guilty parties. Only top level management, directors of security, and/or human resources personnel will have knowledge of the undercover operation and investigative findings.

The undercover investigator will be placed in a position that allows mobility and access to suspected employees. Multiple investigators may be required to investigate various shifts and departments. We maintain daily, two-way communication with our investigators to share and assess new information and to strategize our efforts. The undercover investigator will detail all findings in a daily report submitted after each shift worked. Close supervision contributes to the successful outcome of the assignment.


Our investigators can gather pertinent evidence of gross policy violations by engaging in hand-to-hand buys of stolen company property, illicit drugs, or trade secrets. When appropriate, the undercover workplace investigation is augmented by the proper and lawful use of covert surveillance, sting operations, and local law enforcement.

Employee theft is a growing problem in today's business world. Employee theft can take many forms—from stealing office supplies or merchandise to stealing time by improperly reporting sick leave and vacation. Regardless of what type of undercover investigative services your company requires, contact Your Shield, LLC at (770) 616-3016.