Criminal Defense Investigators in

Indiana and Illinois 

Most criminal cases do not require the services of a professional investigator, but for those that do, the investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team. The investigator has several different, but equally important, functions in preparing for an effective defense. We at Your Shield have the knowledge, skills, experience and training to provide professional criminal defense investigations.

Our criminal investigations division is comprised of former police detectives and federal agents. Utilizing their knowledge, experience, and tactics, our team can investigate complex criminal matters in an effort to solve your case. Our detectives have the ability to apply the same investigative techniques that law enforcement agencies use and can now offer these services to the private sector. We have the ability and contacts needed to collaborate with active law enforcement departments. With access to numerous paid databases, Your Shield is able to find various important objects, including:

  • hidden assets

  • people

  • phone numbers

  • vehicles




It's our unique blend of formal education, hands-on experience, and results-oriented approach that makes Your Shield a trusted partner of law firms across the country. We have experience in a wide variety of criminal investigations, such as:

  • Fraud: Corporate, Personal, Insurance

  • Homicide

  • Stalking and Harassment

  • Computer Crimes

  • Financial Crimes

  • Narcotic Investigations

  • Child and Elder Abuse

  • D.U.I. Cases

  • Undercover Operations

  • Victim and Witness Interviews


With a significant amount of law enforcement experience and the most seasoned investigative team available, we've found the difference between a guilty verdict and acquittal is often the quality of evidence presented at trial.

Experienced and prominent attorneys rely on our company for thorough investigative services that can help identify key witnesses, refute prosecution claims, cast doubt on the credibility of prosecutor witnesses' testimonies, and uncover new evidence not previously discovered by law enforcement. We strictly utilize the most advanced technology and information systems available to enhance our services.

At the end of your case, we will present you with a professionally written report and, when necessary, documented, video, and photographic evidence in furtherance of proving your case. The detectives at Your Shield are also available for professional testimony when requested.