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Attorney Support in Indiana and Illinois

Your Shield, LLC Private Investigative Services

Your Shield can provide cost-efficient investigative services to the legal community, including:

  • Locating witnesses

  • Identifying witnesses

  • Conducting witness interviews

  • Taking statements

  • Taking photographs

  • Conduct witness investigations of witnesses from both sides of your case

By conducting background witness investigations, we can provide possible grounds for impeachment. Our team is experienced in criminal, civil and domestic legal matters and we also provide criminal defense investigations for both state and federal court matters. We also conduct personal injury and other civil investigations, as well as video and still photographic evidence for use in domestic matters, such as divorces and child custody hearings.

Our private investigators, are equipped with a working understanding of evidence law and the necessity of preserving the chain of custody for all evidence developed. In addition, our law enforcement backgrounds increases our credibility as witnesses when called to testify at trial.


More and more attorneys are starting to use private investigators and many prominent lawyers have openly stated that not utilizing the services of professional investigators borders on malpractice. Hiring Your Shield can be extremely cost-effective, as our rates are lower than what many attorneys charge per hour. Our experience often results in obtaining the necessary information quicker and more efficiently than by an attorney who does not have the proper training. Our investigators can also be called to testify, while an attorney involved in the case cannot be a witness. Hire Your Shield, LLC to assist with your legal cases. You can focus on the legal issues pertaining to your cases while we do the leg work to provide you with the facts.

Our attorney support services includes the following:

  • Litigation Support

  • Activity Checks

  • Surveillance

  • Victim/Witness Statements

  • Neighborhood Canvassing

  • Evidence Collection

  • Photographic and Video Documentation

  • Written and Recorded Interviews and Statements

  • Subpoena/Court Order Service

  • Notary Public

In addition to our full scope of investigative services, Your Shield Private Investigative Services can provide service of process upon request.

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